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Ameren-Fenton Substation

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The first phase consisted of a settlement control system installation due to the flood plain, approximately 12’ high stamped retaining walls on two sides due to the narrow site, and then backfilling of the substation yard area to allow for the piers to be drilled without interfering with the sand drain system.  The sand drain system required a 30 day settlement period prior to any further work taking place.

The second phase consisted of site grading, entrance road construction, substation fence posts installation, temporary substation roadway construction and installation of transformer and switchgear foundations including (24) various size/depth piers.

Once Ameren completed the necessary electrical work, the final phase consisted of final grading, compacting, rocking of the substation, permanent substation roadway construction and finished installation of the substation fence.

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Ameren – Fenton Substation Project Profile – Download PDF