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API Production Renovation

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This $5.3 million project consists of the relocation of an existing process. CE&IC & McGrath provided the Design and Construction Services to renovate the existing Production Area. This project included the purchase and installation of glass line reactors, stainless steel formulation tanks, pressure canisters and PTFE lined receivers, heat exchangers and condensing units at the facility. Piping systems included stainless steel WFI and USP water piping and Teflon lined carbon steel process piping. New heat transfer fluid systems with temperature control units and low temperature chiller for jacketed vessels, waste neutralization system, as well as a new WFI generation system. McGrath completed procurement of all equipment on the project, except the 750 gal reactor and WFI vapor compression still.

Work Performed
Services: Design / Construction Manager at Risk / General Contractor

Self-Perform Work: Millwright Services, Concrete Work and Labor

Project Partners
Engineer: CE&IC

$5.3 Million